Perlas Orientales (Luis G. Jordà)


Luis G. Jordà (1869-1951) was a very prolific composer and his piano production features pieces of great beauty. Some were very popular in Mexico and Spain (as, for example, the Elodia mazurca) but, unfortunately, many of them are considered lost nowadays. A rare example is this oriental song for piano entitled Perlas Orientales since it was recently, in 2019, when a copy of it (the only one that exists) appeared in an unsorted archive in library in the United States. For the first time, Mozaic Editions has the pleasure to offer the facsimile edition of this beautiful piece of Moorish and sensual style.


  • Digital product. Delivered as a PDF file. Digital product. Delivered as a PDF file.

Title: Perlas Orientales, oriental song for piano solo

Author: Luis G. Jordà (1869-1951)

Editor: Mozaic Editions (facsimilar edition of the original printed by Otto y Arzoz in Mexico in 1912)

Pages: 9

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