Trisagium (Jaime Nunó)


Jaime Nuno (1824-1908) is mainly remembered as the composer of Mexico's National Anthem, but the catalog of his works counted up to 600 titles; most of them are nowadays considered lost. One of the few works that have survived is this Trisagium that Nuno wrote at age 15, shortly after his contact with Saverio Mercadante in Naples. Mozaic Editions presents here the first edition of this very rare work, made using the original manuscript of this piece, which allows the listener to discover the almost forgotten legacy of this unique Catalan composer.


  • Digital product. Delivered as a PDF file. Digital product. Delivered as a PDF file.

Title: Trisagium (Sanctus and Gloria)

Author: Jaime Nunó (1824-1908)

Editor: Mozaic Editions (2011)

Pages: 12

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